Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review Stream Legit? Case Study pt. 2

That was fast. I will not be partaking in ReviewStream and will not advise my readers to do so either.  I do not consider ReviewStream worth my time to test it out fully.

I was already iffy about the program FAQ, but went ahead and wrote a review on there anyway. Upon submitting the review, the system immediately told me that it would not accept my writing, and to work on it. I spent about 25 minutes drafting up a decent review of my own video card, the GTX 550ti.

The website told me to hit back to save my work, edit it more, or sell it elsewhere, assuring me my work was not lost. Upon hitting back to retrieve my review, which I figured I would work some more on and turn in to Yahoo!, I was notified that the document had expired, and that sealed it for me: I recommend not using ReviewStream. It doesn't have a very professional look or feel to the site, it is not very organized, and the claims seem too good to be true. Indeed they are when no one even checks on reviews.

There are 4 requirements to not end up in "bulk pay" (1/5 normal pay rate). The first one is "If it does not meet our requirements, you will get bulk pay". The last one reads "If it doesn't meet our requirements, it will be rejected". Contradiction.

I read some other experiences with ReviewStream to make sure I wasn't being hasty. This one sums it up nicely.

I don't recommend anyone spend their time here. You are better off writing articles on Yahoo! or using PostLoop to gain your own hosting, and making your own review site centered around one topic. In the time it takes to write reviews until you get "30 USD payout" status on ReviewStream, you could have a nicely fleshed out site of reviews for selling products through Amazon or any other place where you are affiliated. Do not use ReviewStream.


  1. Hi Brian-
    I love your site, it's quite unique and genuinely helpful. I found you in the PostLoop forum and I am looking forward to reading more PostLoop case study posts! I just finished up my 10 posts, so we will see if I get accepted.

    Thanks again for an awesome site!

  2. Thank you, Tawny, for your encouragement! A lot of people have told me I won't do well showing people this stuff, but I'm more focused on making some affiliate sites anyway, just trying to help as I go! I'm heading over to check your site out =)

  3. Thank you so much for checking out review stream. I had been thinking about joining the site but had my doubts about after reading some reviews on it from other websites. Now after hearing for you I don't need to ponder any further. I will not be signing up for review stream. Your site is great and I love your simple, straight forward way of addressing people here, and most of all your honesty!! Glad to be a part of your forum!!

    There is another site that I joined but I can't quite figure out how to get around on it. it is similar to Postloop it is called Forumclerks, you can go there with my referral link if you like or you can just go to It says you have to make at so many posts on their adminpeak before being paid to post, which I have but I'm still not allowed to post. Could you check this site out and give do a case study on this site, and let me and others know if it is worth our time or should I just drop it!! Thanks!!

  4. I will put it on my agenda for a case study, we'll see! Referral links are fine on my blog, no need to offer an alternative! I believe people should never avoid a referral link. I used to, but now I kind of take pride in knowing that I will be helping someone else out at the same time, at no cost to myself.

    I will begin researching forum clerks and potentially start a case study soon =)

    Indeed, reviewstream seems like a really good model for participants, but it's not very intuitive, and there is no "guarantee" that you'll meet their needs, even if you try. I wrote a killer review for them, and the machine rejected it - I think you need to - by pure luck - sort of guess what they are looking for, like their system is looking for particular items, but they don't tell you what items those are!

  5. I've joined forumclerks Dorothy and I thought that it's just a rip off of Postloop. Even the way the site is designed, it looks like Postloop. I wonder if Ryan of Postloop is aware of this site and the forum AdminPeak is a forum that you can find in Postloop. I'm a member of AdminPeak from before they started forumclerks but I can't seem to post on the forum anymore now. I'm a little wary about the legitimacy of forumclerks. But let's see what Brian has to say after he's tried forumclerks.

  6. AdminPeak, yea, man, that's a shame. For now then, I think that it is best to try and support PostLoop as much as possible. I still may give it a try, but I do have a hunch that if I do, in the end, PostLoop is going to be the one that sets the bar, a bar that forumclerks can potentially not match considering they themselves are using postloop, or were. I remember that forum. Not a bad forum, either.

    Ryan does know about it, I saw some threads in the Support section (actually, it may have been the portal) where he said he knew about it and didn't mind it much. He sees it as competition from what he wrote, and competition is really healthy. In this case, I think for at least a few of here on the site, they've made PostLoop look better anyhow. I am going to keep an eye on the site, I may give it a try. If the forums there are different, and there is opportunity, it's worth an investigative case study.

    I am pretty confident that PostLoop is the best out there, though. Of course, I will never know for sure until I run a study!

  7. I've never heard of this website, but don't think I'll bother looking into it after this review. Thanks for the info!

  8. Definitely not worth the risk in my opinion! I wasn't sure of myself at first, but when I wrote this post, I went out looking, and found a lot of others with bad experiences, the biggest one of course in the linked article of the post. For sure, stay away from reviewstream!

  9. I'm reading/searching a few reviews about Review Stream for a few days now. I've also read the review in yahoo from other sites then here. From all those info I'm confused and tempted as well, especially when you mentioned that the payout is $30, just a few more reviews before I can cash out that is if my review didn't end up having a bulk rate.

    I've learned to get around Review Stream since I have written many reviews till I stopped when the rate is too low and the word count requirement is increasing.

    I'm not sure what to do next. But I'll try to remember to share whatever the result is in this post.